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For the first time ever you can have followers within the music world.

On Demand Streaming increased 54% in 2014!
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Your Music Preferences Shared

Find that special someone or group of
friends to share that station they need to hear.
Pick one friend or all. It's all up to you.

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Share Your Music

For the first time ever you can have followers within the music world.  Build your own Social Network of friends and fans.

  • Build your Music Social Network
  • Share Your Favorite Song
  • Post Favorites on your Timeline

Tune your Tunes

You can choose Decade, Genre or Artist.  How about choosing all three?!  Station Digital gives you the ability to narrow your search to a very specific target to get you to the song faster.

  • Adjust Your Music Preferences
  • Create a Station Playlist
  • Choose New or Oldies, Popular and More

Music Discovery

With over 30 million songs and hundreds of stations providing a wide variety of categories and genres, you will always discover something new.

  • Add or Remove Stations with One Touch
  • Smooth Intuitive Song Catalog
  • 30 Million Songs
  • Choose Decade, Genre or Artist
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